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Siddha healing is a traditional system of medicine that originated in Tamil Nadu. It is an alternative method of treatment which is based on an ancient science and combines physical, mental, and spiritual health. Siddha medicine can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization, between 2500 to 1700 BC. As the Dravidians moved to South India, they brought with them their vast knowledge of Siddha healing. Even all those years ago, Siddha medicine was as effective as any other system of treatment in existence.

Sage Agastya, Agastya, Hindu Sage

Delving into Tamil culture and exploring ancient manuscripts indicates that Lord Shiva shared the knowledge of Siddha with his wife Parvathi, who in turn taught her son Lord Murugan. The knowledge of Siddha was later imparted by Lord Murugan to a disciple sage, Agastya, who in turn shared these teachings with 18 extremely intelligent individuals known as Siddhars. As a result, Agastya is often referred to as the father of Siddha healing.

Who are Siddhars?
Siddhars are human beings who possess the eight supernatural powers, known as ashtamahasiddhi. Siddhars believed that a healthy soul can only reside in a healthy body. They dedicated their whole lives to developing an excellent body and mind with the aid of yoga, fasting and a healthy lifestyle. After undergoing strict training and developing such a state of body and mind, Siddhars are known to possess supernatural powers, supreme wisdom and even immortality. They are held responsible for the spread of Siddha healing in our country, as they wrote all their teachings on scriptures and manuscripts for the general population to stumble upon.
The original Siddha manuscripts are regarded as sacred and are therefore guarded fiercely by traditionally trained Siddha families. Learning about Siddha healing and becoming a dedicated siddhar can only be established through a genuine relationship with a guru in the family. Even though there are professionals courses that currently exist and teach Siddha medicine to students, the passing down of knowledge between generations of a traditional Siddha family is much more valuable.

The Siddha Method of Healing
The fundamental theory of Siddha healing is that the human body is a microcosm of the universe. Just as the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether exist in the external environment; their comparable elements exist within a living human body. The four humors of earth, air, water, and fire are of prime importance in Siddha healing. A healthy body and mind are characterized by the presence of an equilibrium between all five elements and four humors. A strong and healthy pulse indicates the right balance of all these components. Due to various external and internal reasons, the inherent harmony within the body may be disturbed. This imbalance is believed to be the root cause of any disease or discomfort in the body.
The treatment process is centered on the restoration of equilibrium between the elements and humors of the body. The restoration is carried out with the help of diet, lifestyle, yoga and meditation. Patients undergoing Siddha treatment must follow a strict regime and commit to the process in order to witness significant improvement in their well-being. The initial diagnosis depends on the clinical expertise of the physician. Examination is carried out in eight parts, namely the pulse, skin, tongue, complexion, speech, eye, stools and urine. Once the disease and its progression in the body are determined the treatment is initiated.

Saint Thiruvalluvar stated that there are four pillars of Siddha healing; patient, attendant, physician, and medicine. The entire process of Siddha healing can be divided into divine healing, rational healing and surgical healing where the difference is determined by the nature of medication administered. Even the medicine is composed of herbal and mineral components and can be divided into the categories of herbal, inorganic and animal sources. In addition to the different methods employed, varmam kalai plays a crucial role. The vital life force centers of the body are stimulated by the trained healers to improve the health of the patient. Note that therapists at ChakraSiddh employ the varmam kalai to cure a range of Spinal Disorders and Neuro Muscular Disorders, without the need for any external medication.

Applications of Siddha Healing
Siddha healing has its roots established deeply in Tamil culture and has tremendous historical importance. Despite being an ancient technique, Siddha healing proved how advanced it is by examining diseases such as AIDS, thousands of years ago. With the entrance of modern medicine, Siddha healing had lost its momentum in terms of popularity. However, due to its holistic nature and belief of being able to treat even chronic diseases, it is gradually making a comeback. A considerable portion of the population has found solace in the Siddha system of medicine. The government continues to support it in order to keep the culture associated with it alive.

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