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What Our
Client Says

“English Medicine these days treat the pain, they don't treat the cause. I had taken so many painkillers, my body had become dependent on them…. When she (Smt Sathya Sindhuja) treated me, I was off painkillers for 2-3 months, I did not get a headache… After 4-5 treatments the pain miraculously went away.”

Mahesh Babu (actor), diagnosed with Migraines

“Initially when I had come to Chakrasiddh I was in a wheelchair… it took time, I gradually moved from a wheelchair, to a walker, to a crutch… Right now I am able to walk, travel, drive my car, and do all my routine activities. I am very grateful to Chakrasiddh because the only alternative for me was knee surgery, which I did not want to do.”

Akhila Jaykumar, diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cervical Spondylitis

“I've seen various doctors, I went abroad, I went to the UK, to the US, I saw doctors in India too, but nobody could help me. Every six months I would be hospitalised, I would be in the ICU, getting 16 injections a day, so many steroids in my body, and you can imagine the side effects of this…. After 41 days of treatment (at Chakrasiddh), it was a miracle. My life came back to normal.”

Uma Reddy, diagnosed with Cervical Lumbar Spondylosis

Video Testimonials

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