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Patient Case Study

No medicines, no surgery, still I was able to do all things

Hi, I am S.Naga Jyothi, a home maker from Amravati and is a patient of Osteoarthritis from past 10 years. I was on steroids and taken many pain injections but there is no respite from the intense pain in my knees. Walking and even sitting is a tedious task for me. I consulted top orthopaedics but other than changing my medications and suggestion for a surgery, no one was able to help me

Our old traditional treatments are the best

I am M. Vaishnavi, from US who came to Chakrasiddh for treatment of Migraine and severe vertigo. Avoidance to the triggers and pain killers is what I received from all doctors I visited until I went to Dr Sindhuja and Shankar sir for my problem. I was already sure after seeing Mahesh Babu’s video that I will get some respite here but to my wonders, my treatment was too good.

Flexibility in my Left hand frozen shoulder

Trust and patience is what I learnt at Chakrasiddh. Hi, I am Dr Shweta from Delhi and was having left hand frozen shoulder from January 2024. I showed to an orthopaedic surgeon and after observing my x-ray, I was directed to physiotherapy department for shoulder exercises. I had some improvement but sleeping and holding heavy things was same as before.

Worth a place for skeletal diseases like Scoliosis

Hi, I am mother of G.Poorvi, who is 11yrs old and I am thankful to my stars that I was recommended for my daughter’s treatment to Chakrasiddh. I wasted so many years running from hospital to hospital for a cure of Scoliosis of my daughter. She had severe pain in back and stiff calf area which was making her walk difficult and the doctor told us her gait has increased.

Don’t hurry for surgery, when holistic siddha can treat you!

I'm sharing here experience regarding my typical case of Rt knee pain which occurred after I had a fracture in my femur bone. Hi Myself Sushmitha from Bangalore, who was about to go for Rt knee replacement surgery, was advised by my aunt to go for second opinion to Chakrasiddh.

Positive vibes and wonderful experience

Ms. T.Sandhya and I came to Chakrasiddh from Chennai, desperate for relief from 15 years of cervical pain. The neck pain was causing relentless headaches, often lasting for hours and leaving me unable to function.The pain travelled from neck down to my shoulders and arms, I use to feel no strength. Neck pain compounded my discomfort, especially during travel and sleep.

Treatment at Chakrasiddh, a game changer for me

Hi, I am Vaishnavi, a software professional from Hyderabad. Because of long sitting hours in office, I gradually started having pain in neck which is unbearable now. I can feel intense pain in my both shoulders & arms while even lifting small things and now holding my bag also is a difficult task for me.

From full body pain to no pain, a miracle in my life gifted by Dr Sindhuja

I am Mendu Chaitanya, from US who came to Chakrasiddh for treatment of Fibromyalgia. I am grappling from full body pain from last 8 years and there is no respite even after being treated from Rheumatologist. I am tired of taking steroids and wanted a treatment that gives me a good quality of life.

Why opt for surgery, when holistic siddha gives you painless knees!

I'm sharing here my experience regarding my mother’s case Ms P. Sudhathi Reddy who was about to go for B/L knee replacement surgery. We were guided by our relatives in Hyderabad to take second opinion of Dr Sindhuja before opting for operation and I thank God that we discussed our concern with her.

Great place to get treated for unusual disease

I am mother of Spoortika and she has been diagnosed with SMAN in her both lower limbs. As a mother, I was too much worried about her frequent falls and imbalance in her walk along with her body growth. I consulted in all big hospitals of Hyderabad but was told there is no cure for this disease.

Significant change in my low back pain. Wonderful therapy

I am Sri Anitha, from Bangalore, a homemaker. I have twin boys and they keep me busy whole day. My active life has come to a standstill from past few months as there is agonising low back pain and it seemed like there was no end in sight. It felt like a constant battle just to get through the day and my children are feeling deserted as I am unable to play with them.

Chakrasiddh’s Holistic approach to my ailment and magical hands of Dr Sindhuja, brought back my life

I Deepika, a 45-year-old U.S resident came to Chakrasiddh on my mother’s request before going for Bariatric surgery as my weight had reached 140kgs. Due to Left Breast removal, I had lymphoedema in my lt arm which was becoming a botheration in my life. My daily activities like bathing, kitchen words all were stalled due to heaviness in arm.

Felt better in pain and is aware of posture now

Hello everyone, I am mother of Nishitha 15 year old girl, who is having Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis since last 2 years. It was diagnosed by her school doctor who advised us to meet a Chiropractioner. He suggested her to wear a spinal brace but there was no respite to her pulling pain and infact the hunch angle increased to 22˚.

Why go for expensive surgical options, when Chakrasiddh can cure you

I am Karimulla Basha, a 43-year male who visited Chakrasiddh centre in Sept, 2023 with parasthesis of complete lower body. After seeing my MRI, Neuro told I had severe issue in my cervical region and thus needed surgery immediately otherwise I will remain like this forever and will not be able to walk.

We never thought our daughter could walk properly after her diagnosed Cerebral Palsy

Hey all I am M.Rani M/O G.Tejaswi, 13yrs old. We were terribly devastated when she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy from birth. She is unable to walk, twists her feet while walking and while speaking there is slurring. We noticed involuntary movements in her hands and legs while holding objects, while standing and while lifting the objects.

Traditional method like siddha relieved my backache and gave me an active life again

If you have pain and not getting any solution, Chakrasiddh is one such place which heals you from core point. Hi, me Venkata Krishna, just at 28, started getting severe low back pain till my rt calf are, owing to my work and persisting sitting for long hours. On meeting my Physician, he diagnosed as Sciatica and advised exercises.

Catching the root cause and treating it completely that is the mantra of Chakrasiddh

I am Naga Chaitanya. Before discovering Chakrasiddh, I was enduring excruciating low back pain, coupled with relentless stiffness and heaviness in my right leg. Adding to my agony was severe neck pain, accompanied by shoulder discomfort, which seemed to haunt me constantly. Desperate for relief, I turned to Chakrasiddh in September, hoping for a glimmer of hope.

Skillful approach to heal you, is what I learned from this great place

I am Ramya from Bangalore, and I am immensely grateful for the transformative care provided by Chakrasiddh. Suffering from severe pain, swelling and stiffness in my right ankle joint, I turned to them for help. Their personalized approach to treatment, tailored specifically to my needs, provided me with the comprehensive care I desperately needed.

Age is no reason for an active and healthy life. Exceptional treatment for my knees

I, Ananth Kulakarni, came from US for my wife’s knee treatment at Chakrasiddh and seeing her improvement, I too planned to join for my issue of severe lower backache. The pain was relentless, radiating down my right leg and simple activities like walking and standing became excruciating tasks. Sleep was disturbed due to discomfort in the supine position.

A professional place and extremely committed to betterment of their patients

I am Naga Sai Goutham,33 years old. As a patient who has endured debilitating neck and lower back pain for agonizing ten years, along with the several added challenges, my journey towards healing seemed like an elusive dream. However, upon embarking on the treatment journey with Chakrasiddh, my life took a transformative turn.

Lost hope of freedom from headaches, but now I am back to normal

I, Venkata Narasimha Reddy is suffering from Allergic rhinitis which has led to severe migraine and has caused immense pressure in my life. I am unable to focus on my work, stopped meeting my friends and gets irritated for every smaller things. On seeing Mahesh Babu’s video, I felt to give it a try.

A complete care and cure of knee pain at Chakrasiddh is commendable

I am Lakshmi Narayan, 54 years old. I've been dealing with moderate right knee arthritis for the past couple of years, and it's been a constant struggle for me. Simple tasks like walking and climbing stairs has become so troublesome. I couldn't even use the Indian toilet comfortably at my home. It felt like my knee was holding me back from enjoying life to the fullest.

Get your quality of life back at Chakrasiddh as it releases your pain by simple pressures

Never knew our old traditional systems are so effective and simple. A 22-day journey with Chakrasiddh transformed my life. Hi, I am Raj Venkatesh, and I've been battling with cervical spondylitis and right-hand weakness for the past two grueling years. The torturous neck and shoulder pain were becoming intolerable and once it radiates to my right arm, the pain would be excruciating.

Had lost hopes of a pain free life due to Fibromyalgia but destiny got me to Chakrasiddh

I am M. Anusha from Australia and I came to know about Chakrasiddh from my friend here who got treated for Spinal alignment and was fully satisfied.I've been battling fibromyalgia for the past seven years. I have taken all types of treatment but nothing helped me. My friend motivated me to join Chakrasiddh as she saw my constant struggle, with severe neck pain and lower back.

Why suffer from nasal blockages & headaches when there is a cure at Chakrasiddh

Hi, I am M. Sri Raghava, from Australia. I had been suffering from Chronic sinusitis for the past two years, and it was taking a toll on my daily life. The constant nasal blockages, taxing headaches made it incredibly challenging to function normally. Activities like being out in the sun, dealing with stress or even enjoying a meal would intensify the pain.

A expert hand a dedicated team

Hello, I am R.Rajyalakshmi from Hyderabad and being a South indian, I always relied on traditional therapies for any disease rather than taking medicines. But for Vertigo, I tried all therapies and did not find a solution. For years, I relied on Tab Vertin to ease my symptoms, but it only provided temporary relief.

A great place for arthritis and other knee issues

Ramakrishna, a 40-year-old man, has been suffering from arthritis and ACL Tear for the last one and a half years. I took the doctor's opinion and everyone says need ACL reconstruction with arthroscopic surgery and I was not ready for the surgery.. Additionally, I experienced prickling sensations in my lower back during everyday activities like bending, climbing stairs, and even standing for short periods.

A great place for arthritis and other knee issues

Meet Ms. D Deepa Reddy, a 51-year-old US resident who arrived at Chakrasiddh seeking relief from relentless lumbar and hip pain. Everyday activities became a battle, with standing and walking proving excruciating. Even simple tasks like squats and barefoot walks intensified her discomfort, leaving her fatigued and weakened.On consulting,she was advised for hip surgery.

Migraine free life- visit Chakrasiddh

Ms. B. Sai Keerthi and I came to Chakrasiddh from Vizag, desperate for relief from six years of migraine agony. The headaches were relentless, often lasting for hours and leaving me unable to function. Triggers like stress and light only made matters worse, and neck pain compounded my discomfort, especially during travel.

An apt place for lower back pain and getting your self back

I'm Ms. K. Sree Mounika, and I came from Nellore in search of relief. The pain radiates down both my legs and sciatica, with my right leg bearing the brunt of the severity. Simple activities like standing, walking, and even sitting became excruciating, and I found myself avoiding bending or lifting anything heavy. Sleep was a struggle, and even driving my two-wheeler became a painful ordeal.

Chakrasiddh is one place which cures all your musculoskeletal diseases under 1 roof

I'm Sonia Michael, and I reside in New York. For years, I grappled with injuries to my cervical and lumbar spine, compounded by a partial ankle ligament tear and degenerative ankle issues. The pain was relentless, affecting my neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and ankles, leaving me with limited mobility and increasing stiffness over time.

A holistic therapy which gives you a faster recovery without surgery

21. I’m Shyla Kulkarni, a 69-year-old from the US. After suffering from severe osteoarthritis and ankle pain for five agonizing years, I tried various treatments. But upon the recommendation of a friend, I found myself at Chakrasiddh, and it was a decision that changed my life.

An alternative approach to pain management and avoiding medications

I am Suneeta Chandra, and for the past three years, I've been grappling with persistent sciatica pain. Despite undergoing a Microdiscectomy a couple of years ago, the pain resurfaced last year and has been steadily increasing since. In my quest for relief, I stumbled upon the ancient Indian technique of Siddha Vidyam and, after thorough research, found solace at Chakrasiddh.

A positive approach to life with Siddha’s holistic way of treatment

I’m Suneetha Chandra, a 48-year-old from the US, presented with a complex medical history including a prior microdiscectomy for the past three years, along with a kidney transplant, and a car accident, I've been dealing with really bad sciatica pain.

Cervical of lowback - get rid of all pains at Chakrasiddh

Hello everyone, My name is Sai Ram Karthik, 33 yrs old with debilitating pain in my spine from last 2 years. I consulted so many neurosurgeons who other than giving me pain medicines were not able to help me out. Luckily, I met my friend who advised me to visit Chakrasiddh.

Highly recommend for this traditonal way of treating ailments

Our country is versatile and its traditional way of treating people is unbelievable. I, Allenki Sundeep, had completely lost hope of walking normally due to my right heel pain. Simple tasks like walking and climbing stairs has become so troublesome.

Thanks to Chakrasiddh for treating my AVN. I am able to play with my kids now

It has been a great experience coming to Chakrasiddh. Myself, Kiran Kumar was suffering from AVN from 2022 which occurred after lower back injury from almost 1.5 years. I was unable to do normal daily works, climb stand or sit or walk even short distance. Doctors advised to go for operation of hips.

Nobody understood my issue, Dr Sindhuja did and changed my life

I'm Mrs Varlakshmi, and I came from Nalgonda for search of relief to my RA. Many patients from my area got relief from Chakrasiddh’s therapy in RA cases so I too wanted a respite in pain. The pain radiates down both my legs and lower back, with my knees bearing the brunt of the severity. Daily activities like standing, walking, and even sitting became agonizing, and I found myself preventing bending or lifting anything heavy.