The Siddha Philosophy

The Siddha system of medicine firmly believes that the mind and body are not two separate entities. They are not merely inter-connected, but believed to be one cohesive entity.

Siddha Philosophy, mindfulness

Anything that happens in our mind influences our body and vice-versa. Every change in our mental state is instantaneously reflected in the chemistry and functioning of our body. It is therefore crucial for the patient to cultivate a calm mind and inculcate a positive attitude towards life as it will make healing process more effective.

 How Siddha Healing Works

Our healers use a combination of Nadi Vaidyam and Marma Chikitsa (Marma Therapy) to heal all chronic and painful health disorders without surgical or medical intervention. Nadis are basically channels of energy that allow the flow of pranic current throughout the body. According to the Siddha system of medicine, there are 72,000 such key energy pathways in the human body that are accessible on the surface of the skin.

Besides these, all of us also have powerful energy points or marmani located at sites richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels. These energy points are highly sensitive to stimuli such as touch and pressure. The marmani facilitate cellular communication, serve as diagnostic indicators and have several therapeutic applications.

Nadi Vaidyam and Marma Chikitsa help restore the balance of the nervous system by harmonizing sympathetic and parasympathetic functions. In this method of alternative healing, the healer’s touch is a complex biochemical and neuro-electrical impulse. The energy of that touch along with the vibration of the mantra uttered passes through the gateway of the marma and the nadis to the respective organs and balances the prana.

As a result, when a healer touches the marma or activates the nadi through a simultaneous application of gentle strokes and direct deep pressure, chronic patterns of tension and toxins in the body get released, the muscles relax, both blood and oxygen circulation is stimulated. Treating the disturbed marma points and regenerating blocked, or deceased, nadi points in the body, restores the body to normalcy. The patient will sense immediate relief within three days. The treatment is completed within 1 – 3 weeks, depending on the seriousness of the ailment.

Siddha Healing

Diagnosis, Precautions and Dietary Restrictions During Siddha Treatment

  • Examination
    Before the treatment commences the medical reports of the patient are thoroughly examined and a case study is made. The patient is counselled and any doubts regarding the process of healing are addressed.
  • Treatment
    The treatment begins immediately after assessing the course and cause of the disease. The duration of the treatment per session varies from half an hour to one hour. For more serious cases, it might even extend to an hour and a half.
  • Physiotherapy and Yoga
    Some patients may also be asked to undergo physiotherapy or practice yoga during the treatment period to improve flexibility. This enables the healer to access the marma points easily.
  • Lifestyle
    During the treatment period, the patient should lead a satvic life, and abstain from consuming alcohol and smoking. Patients are also required to maintain a strictly vegetarian diet. Women must not attend therapy sessions during their menstrual cycle.
  • Precaution
    If these instructions are not followed during treatment, it becomes difficult for the healer to trace the patient’s energy points and pathways through their aura and treat them. However once the treatment ceases, the patient can revert back to his or her previous diet.

 Is Siddha Healing Safe?

Siddha healing is a time-tested system which effectively cures several chronic diseases and degenerative conditions within a short span of time. The medications prescribed are natural and do not cause any complications or side-effects.

Mistakes in diagnosis or treatment are minimal, as treatment is patient-specific and takes into account the patient’s individual profile. Patients may experience a little soreness during and immediately after the treatment. However, there is little cause for worry as pain or tenderness is the body’s way of conveying that there is some weakness, or imbalance at the marma point. It is crucial to understand that this soreness is a small price to pay for the relief of chronic pain or the cure of a chronic disease.

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 Take a Holistic Approach to Health

Holistic Approach

Despite the doubts of disbelievers, the efficacy of Siddha healing has been vouched for by countless patients, who come to us with no hope and yet go back miraculously cured. Our aim is not to criticize any other method of treatment. Instead, we merely wish to create a healthy awareness about Siddha healing.

Our healers do not merely address the symptoms of the disease but fully eliminate its root cause as well. Our holistic energy healing cures the body, mind and soul and helps our patients attain perfect balance in health.