Chief Healer at Chakrasiddh Bhuvanagiri Sathya Sindhuja Full Interview ||  Koffee With Yamuna Kishore

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Hey, no more slouching for you! At least not after you finish reading this blog. Your posture is more important than you might think. Correcting it can help prevent many chronic disorders of the neck, back and shoulders. It might be difficult to do so, especially if your bad posture has been developed due to…

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About a month ago, our team here at ChakraSiddh put our heads together to think of something new that we could do for our 71st Independence Day. The idea was to reconsider our understanding of freedom and what it means to us. After much thought, we came up with the #FreedomChallenge. Hindu philosophy talks about…

siddha, wellness, health, alternative health

Alternative medicine does not refer to one alternative but is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of holistic approaches that treats the body as a whole. It includes Siddha, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture etc. It believes that the body is not just a set of parts put together, but the parts put together make…

avocado, butter fruit, siddha, alternative health

Avocado also called the alligator pear is known as the royal fruit with magical properties. It was served along with meals to emperors and princesses. Scientists claim that it is the fruit with the highest nutritional content. It is a wonder fruit. If you haven’t been eating avocados you have not lived. Want to know…

A study in 2015 revealed that 90% of Indians will have damaged knees by the age of 60-65 and another revealed that India will have 60 million people suffering from osteoarthritis by the year of 2025. Knee pain is a very common issue faced. It can affect people of all ages from toddlers to old-timers….

People who usually search for migraine triggers on the internet are the ones who are new sufferers. So a little intro is a must. A migraine is a piercing or pulsing feeling on one side of the head. These can last for hours or days and may be accompanied by nausea, body pains etc. These…

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