Chakrasiddh is a holistic alternative healing center with branches in Hyderabad and Bangalore. In the Siddha system of medicine, the efficacy of the procedure being performed depends on the spiritual strength of the Siddhar. The techniques we practice have been passed down through 36 generations of Siddhars who were trained as per the traditional guru-shishya parampara.


Dr Bhuvanagiri Sathya Sindhuja (Honorary Doctorate)

Nadi Vaidya is a branch of Siddha that involves the manipulation of energy channels in the body to cure diseases or relieve pain. Nadis are energy channels connecting various pressure points; as per Nadi Vaidya, there are 72,000 energy channels in the human body.

Sathya Sindhuja, the Founder at Chakrasiddh began training in Nadi Vaidya at the tender age of four, under the guidance of her beloved grandmother. By the age of 12, Sindhuja had mastered Nadi Vaidya and had begun healing patients. Nearly 25 years later, she’s still using this wealth of knowledge she inherited from her family to treat a wide array of illnesses.

During her years of sadhana, she practiced music, dance, martial arts and Ayurveda to become a befitting Siddhar. For Sindhuja, the practice of Siddha is not only a career path, but also a spiritual path – one that she believes in strongly.SATHYA SINDHUJA

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Sri Siva Chidananda Bharati Swamy

Sri Bandhakavi Seetha Ramanjaneyulu (H.H Sri Siva Chidananda Bharati Swamy) was born to Sri Venkat Ramaiah and Smt. Subhadra as a blessed child on August 22nd,1929. In 1948, he married Smt. Seeta Mahalakshmi. Sri Seeta Ramanjaneyulu gave birth to a son and a daughter. He started legal practice after getting his law degree and became a famous lawyer in the district. He held many responsible positions in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vishva Hindu Parishad, Nannayya Bhattaraka Peetham, Brahmin Service Society and more. He took sanyas from H.H Trivikrama Ramananda Bharathi Swamiji on January 21st,1991 and was named Siva Chidananda Bharathi Swamiji. He ascended Sri Siddheswari Peetham the same year.

In 1996, Swamiji renovated the temples of Nadi Ganapathi, Sri Raja Rajeshwari, Sri Kameshwara Swamy, Sri Seeta Rama, Sri Yoga Narasimha, Sri Santana Gopala Swamy and Sri Valli Devasenasametha Subramanya Swamy, which was built under the patronage of HH Sri Mouna Swamy. His holiness also established the Sri Raja Rajeshwari Annadana Society and arranged special dining halls for the devotees. On the request of the devotees, a temple for the deity of Prathyangira was built. The hall of Seeta Rama temple was artistically molded. A special Sri Chakra Meru was installed opposite to deity of Sri Raja Rajeshwari. The Sri Chakra Meru was made up of Sapphire (Marakatha Stone). One such Meru was also kept on the mandir of the samadhis of his predecessors.

He was called Abhinava Mouna Swamy. Whenever affairs of the peetham faced difficulty, his holiness used to go to HH Sri Mouna Swamy’s Samadhi and pray. His prayers were immediately heard and the required work would get done. His Holiness held mastery over astrology, vastu and muhurta shastra. HH Sri Siva Chidananda Bharati Swamy attained siddhi on December 17th, 2002 at Vishakapatnam.


Congratulation to our founder Mrs. Sathya Sindhuja Bhuvanagiri On Receiving Doctorate from the University of Swahili, Panama, Central America.




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