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Siddha Philosophy

The Siddha philosophy of medicine believes that the mind and body should not be looked at as two separate entities. They are connected with each other and work cohesively. What happens in our mind influences our body and vice versa; our mental state affects the functioning of our body. Therefore, a calm mind and positive attitude help speed up the healing process and make it more effective.


Our Founder

Smt Bhuvanagiri Satya Sindhuja is our Founder. She has practised and perfected the science of Siddha Vaidyam for over 35 years, training under her grandmother since the age of 4, she mastered the healing art of Nadi Vaidyam by the age of 12. Till now, she has healed almost 1 lakh clients from all over India. Siddha Vaidyam has been practised in India for centuries to heal people suffering from chronic illnesses without medicine or surgery, and it continues to be an affordable and holistic therapy till today.