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Yoga brings together the mind, body, and soul. It believes that there needs to be a balance between the three. If there is an imbalance, your bodily functioning weakens leaving you vulnerable to illness. Yoga helps you find this balance and helps your body become healthier, your mind happier, and your spirit freer. When your body starts to re-balance and return to its natural state, it heals too. Here are 14 ways how you can heal through yoga.

1.Posture perfection
People who have good posture tend to have lesser back, neck and spine problems. It makes you look taller, exudes a sense of power and gives you confidence. The entire weight of your head is shared between your back and neck muscles, with most of the weight being supported by the spine. Bad posture, like leaning your head forward, or slouching can increase the pressure on these parts of your body. Yoga helps you achieve better posture, reduces strain and heals all kinds of degenerative diseases of the spine and back.
2.Blood Sugar Levels Drop
Yoga benefits diabetics by increasing their receptivity to insulin and lowering their adrenaline and cortisol levels. It is effective in producing healthy weight loss – gradual yet effective. It can also help keep your blood sugar levels low thereby reducing any sort of risks such as heart attacks and kidney failure common to diabetics.
Yoga teaches your body how to relax. It focuses on being more aware of the present and handing over the control to your parasympathetic nervous system. It is responsible for increasing blood flow, reducing heart rate and improving respiration.
4.Immunity Boost
The movements learned through the practice of yoga, involve stretching and relaxing of the various muscles and organs in your body. This sort of activity helps to remove lymph, which is a dangerous fluid present in immune cells. It aids the lymph system to fight against diseases and get rid of any destructive chemicals present in the body which might restrict cellular functioning.

5.Pregnancy Pain Control
Yoga can help you feel fit and be more centered during the course of a pregnancy. Consult with your doctor before attempting prenatal yoga, but plenty of women swear by it. There are a number of benefits like pain control or management and even smoother delivery.
Also, keep in mind precautions that should be taken. These include making appropriate adjustments to the positions you attempt as you get further along in your pregnancy. There are chances of injuries if you attempt to stretch or strain yourself too hard during this body-sensitive period.

6.Happy Vibes
If you have met anyone who has been a religious practitioner of yoga, they will seem to give off a very calm aura and can also channel this calmness when dealing with tough situations. It helps tackle life as it comes and realise the importance of being one with yourself. There is no fixed yoga position that can make you instantly happy, that is not what yoga does. But, consistent practice has proven to reduce depression along with improved levels of serotonin (happy hormones).

7.Promotes a Healthier Way of Living

Yoga is a form of exercise that involves the mind, body, and soul. Anyone who thinks that staying in shape or getting in shape involves just toning the body is quite unaware. It helps you lose weight and also tackle any eating disorders or body misperceptions. When you continuously engage in yoga, you become more aware of what your body needs and doesn’t need and you can make more conscious efforts towards making the right dietary and lifestyle choices.

8.Bone Strengthening
Without proper activation many areas of the cartilages tend to give up, leading to quicker loss of bone strength and density. Yoga consists of a full set of motions that utilize all parts of your bones, joints, cartilages – basically, your whole body. It helps stretch muscles that normal cardio and simple workouts like walking wouldn’t really stimulate. It is especially effective in preventing degenerative arthritis and other similar diseases.

It is not uncommon to be distracted by thoughts that have nothing to do with the present situation you are in. Something that someone said the other day or what you could have said back or even something you saw, or heard could distract you on a daily basis.
Yoga helps you focus on the present, to be in tune with yourself and your surroundings. Researchers have also found that yoga can have a positive impact on memory, learning, and hand-eye coordination.

10.Nervous System
Yoga provides you with a range of positions and ideas that help you gain access to the inner workings of your body and mind. This control has been used by many yogis to control their heart rate, breathing, and even body temperature. Consistent practice of yoga can even help you sleep better – as a result, you’ll see an improvement in your overall health.

11.Better Breathing
Yoga helps you discover how to breathe more efficiently and how to be calm. Proper practice of yoga can help increase oxygen levels in the blood and therefore improve stamina. It plays a part in enhancing lung function, through deep inhalation and exhalation. Breathing through your nose is one of the core practices that it promotes. This has many benefits as the nose acts as a filter which removes impurities from the air you inhale before it reaches your lungs.

12.Better Relationships
Healing, be it on an emotional, spiritual or physical level; can greatly be aided by the love and kindness of your family and friends. Social support plays a huge role in the wellness of any human being. Yoga philosophizes truth, equality, compassion and kindness which can help you improve your relationships. These philosophies are not just the foundation of yoga, but also of any healthy relationship.
13.Pain Relief
Pain can hold you back from being active, facing the challenges of life, or living in the moment. When you find a way to free yourself of these pains, you find that new opportunities open up and you see the bright side of things more easily. Yoga helps relieve you of pain through a combination of asanas and meditation. Yoga has helped cure back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other ailments in many people.
14.Self-Esteem and Balance

With magazines, movies and the media promoting skinny models, several people are battling self-esteem and body-image-related insecurities. Yoga not only helps you keep fit physically, but also helps you develop a positive perception of yourself. Yoga promotes self-awareness and this journey within yourself provides an alternative to daily self-deterioration. You learn to be thankful, empathetic and forgiving with yourself, rather than beating yourself down with negative self-talk.
If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, we’d love to hear about the changes it has brought in you. Do leave your comments in the section below.

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