Slip disc

Slip Disc, disc herniation

Slip disc is the name given to a condition which involves displacement of spinal discs from their original positions. The fibrous discs present between the various vertebrae serve as a softening medium, absorb physical shock and prevent the different bony portions from rubbing together and degenerating. The bulging of the disc can cause inflammation and severe pain due to nerve compression. It is an age-related disorder and is prevalent in the age groups of 50 and above.

common Causes for slip disc

  • Genetics
  • Unspecified environmental factors
Slip Disc,minimally invasive spine surgery

Symptoms of Slip Disc

symptoms of slip disc, back pain, muscle weakness and spasms

Some cases of slip disc present no symptoms. However, in most cases the symptoms are observed in the lower back, back, leg, arm and feet.

  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling and pins & needles sensation
  • Muscle weakness and spasms
  • Overactive reflexes
  • Stiffness

Siddha Healing for Slip Disc

Chakrasiddh eliminates the requirement for surgery or external medication by employing a holistic approach to treating slip disc. Marma therapy is used to improve the energy and blood flow through the body’s essential access points. This, combined with yoga therapy, reduces the overall pain felt by the patient. X-rays which are taken before and after the treatment will show improved position of the disc in the spine. Patients are also encouraged to follow a healthy diet, do regular exercises and lead an overall improved lifestyle to be able to live a normal life despite having this disorder. Chakrasiddh provides patients with a non-invasive and safe treatment for slip disc.

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