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A joint in the body, refers to the point where two or more of your bones are connected. A dislocation is an injury that typically results when the joint experiences an unexpected or unbalanced impact and the bones are displaced from their original positions. The injury temporarily deforms and immobilizes your joint, which may result in sudden and severe pain. Once a joint dislocates, there is a high probability of reoccurrence.

Dislocations may occur at any joint in the human body - hip, elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, or even in the smaller joints in the fingers, thumbs and toes. Dislocations are common injuries in contact sports and in sports that may involve falls, accidents and any other physical activities that can result in a blow to the joints.

Symptoms of a dislocated joint

In most cases, a dislocation is clearly visible. The area of dislocation may be swollen, look deformed or be bruised. The area may also appear red or discoloured. Other symptoms associated with a dislocated joint are:

  • Immense pain caused when the joint is attempted to be moved
  • Loss of motion
  • Numbness around the area of dislocation
  • A tingling feeling around the area of dislocation


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Siddha Healing for Dislocation

In Siddha, all joint dislocations are classified under Sanganavatham. The treatment of dislocations involves the use of Marma Therapy and other Siddha healing techniques. Patients are also urged to adopt a healthier lifestyle, while incorporating a well-balanced diet. The healer also focuses on strengthening the patient’s muscles, ligaments and bones to ensure that the symptoms do not relapse.

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