spinal disorders

The overall flow of blood and oxygen through the body is improved by Siddha healing, relieving the affected muscles. With this technique, the swelling and pain experienced in the spine can be greatly managed and reduced.

Siddha healing increases the blood flow in the muscles and lessens the pain caused by disc damage or back injury in the patient by using deep massage techniques.

Chakrasiddh improves the mobility of the shoulder joint and lessens the pain experience during motion with the aid of marma, yoga and massage therapy. Post treatment, the patient can gain back complete functionality of the shoulder and continue to carry out their daily routine with ease.

Chakrasiddh uses holistic methods of treatment such as yoga and marma therapy to restore the energy and blood flow in the body. Without administering any external medication or carrying out any surgery, it provides a safe and lasting method of vertigo treatment.

The damage to the discs of the lower spine, as a result of this chronic disease, can be minimized with the help of Siddha healing’s deep massage techniques.

The alignment of bones and pain management is carried out by marma therapy, in combination with yoga and lifestyle improvements.

The techniques used in Siddha healing to activate and massage the affected regions can lessen the damage and pain in the lower back and tailbone region, further alleviating pain due to nerve damage.

With continued siddha massage healing and following the exercises and lifestyle changes suggested, the dislocated bones can return to most of their normal function and help the patient lead a better life.

Deep massage and yoga therapy improves the condition of the affected bones and muscles. Lifestyles changes are also incorporated, along with dietary alterations, to enhance the overall health and well-being of the patient suffering from Spine Stenosis.

Chakrasiddh eliminates the requirement for surgery or external medication by employing a holistic approach of treating slip disc with the help of marma, yoga and massage therapy. Healthy diet, regular exercises and an overall improved lifestyle helps the patient live a normal life despite having this disorder.

The patient’s affected motor and sensory skills, as result of spinal cord damage, can be improved with the aid of Siddha healing and its related massage, yoga and de-stressing techniques.

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