Tennis Elbow

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Tennis elbow is the name given to the condition caused by the excessive usage of hand, forearm and arm muscles, resulting in elbow pain and inflammation. The name is given as such because this condition is common in tennis. Injury or strain caused to the muscles and tendons (muscle connectors) is the primary source of this painful disorder. It is more common in men than in women and has a high chance of affecting athletes and sports players as compared to those who don’t indulge in such activities.

Common causes of Tennis Elbow

  • Age
  • Repetitive strain
  • Injury
  • Sports related damage
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Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

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The symptoms are experienced in the elbow, forearm and sometimes in the wrist as well.

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Tenderness
  • Weakness
  • Difficulty in lifting, moving and holding objects.

Siddha Healing for Tennis Elbow

As an alternative to allopathic medication and elbow straps, Chakrasiddh provides a safe and non-invasive method of treatment whose effect is long lasting. The energy and blood flow through the affected region is enhanced through marma therapy. By incorporating lifestyle and dietary changes, this condition can be easily managed. Chakrasiddh provides patients with an effective cure for tennis elbow, allowing them to lead pain-free lives.

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