Foot and heel pain

Foot and heel pain is the name given to a condition which involves pain in the heel, toes, arch, ankle and ball of the feet. Our feet bear the load of our weight and undergo strain on a daily basis. Over a period of time, the cartilage at the joints degenerate, the muscles get affected and the bones also weaken. This condition can occur due to a large number of reasons and can affect people of any age group, depending on their lifestyle.

Common causes for foot & heel pain

  • Age
  • Repetitive strain
  • Injury
  • Arthritis
  • Flat feet
crepe bandage for foot pain, foot pain
Heel pain symptoms, anatomy of the foot

The symptoms are experienced in the heel, arch, toes, ankles, ball and any other surrounding region of the feet.

  •   Pain
  •   Inflammation
  •   Tenderness
  •   Weakness
  •   Loss of flexibility
  •   Difficulty in standing or walking
  •   Limping

Siddha Healing for foot and heel pain

ChakraSiddh relies on ancient techniques of marma therapy to induce better energy flow through affected regions. This, combined with massage and yoga therapy, helps in alleviating pain and other symptoms experienced by the patient. Without the help of surgery or medication, ChakraSiddh provides a safe, non-intrusive and holistic method of treating foot and heel pain, with the aid of changes in diet and lifestyle.

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