chronic Neck Pain

chronic neck pain

The neck, or the cervical spine, comprises a delicate network of muscles, bones and nerves. It supports the head, and channels blood to the brain. Chronic neck pain refers to any persistent abnormality, stiffness or inflammation resulting in discomfort.

Neck pain is a health problem that is commonly heard of, and yet one that is highly ignored. While it is often a mild, short-lived physical condition that can be taken care of with ample rest, there are instances where it can also be constant, excruciatingly painful and interfere with your lifestyle. Chronic neck pain may be an indicator of serious underlying issues such as meningitis and spondylitis.

Common Causes of chronic Neck Pain

  • Certain strenuous activities or sudden movements may result in a permanent injury.
  • Constant use of computers and mobile devices forces your body, particularly your neck to adapt to the stress, in the form of a sideways or forward posture.
  • Stress and tension in daily life can take a toll on your body causing discomfort in the shoulders and neck.
  • Disruption of any of the functions of the neck because of compression of nerves or blood vessels, weak ligaments and tendons, and a bad posture.
causes for chronic neck pain

Symptoms of Chronic Neck Pain

symptoms of chronic neck pain, massage
  • Persistent inflammation or tenderness in any part of the neck.
  • Stiffening of the neck, restricting its flexibility function.
  • A jagged sensation of pain in one spot.
  • Fatigue in the neck, resulting in tight muscles, mild to serious back pain, burning and fibromyalgia like symptoms.
  • Pain or numbness that proliferates down the shoulders, arms, or fingers; or even up into the head.

Siddha Healing Technique for Chronic Neck Pain

Based on literature from around 2000 B.C., chronic neck pain can be categorised under Sanganavatham, which has been described in the Siddha System of Medicine, to be amongst the Vatha Diseases. These diseases have been described in the ancient text of "Yugi Munivar Vaidhya Sinthamany” as a condition that is associated with the pain of the neck and upper limbs, fatigue, depression, giddiness and constipation.

Siddha healing recommends the following in curing chronic neck pain:

  • The functions of the neck, and hence the rest of the body, are disrupted and are to be brought to equilibrium.
  • Incorporation of a healthier lifestyle and diet into daily life
  • Special therapeutic treatments such as yoga and massage

Varmam, more popularly known as Marma Therapy, is a branch of Siddha system of medicine. According to this technique, vital energy is transmitted throughout the body through marma points, and these points stimulate the flow of energy and improve the body’s immunity. Diminution or stagnation of vital energy at these points results in diseases. The siddha energy healing practice re-administers equilibrium to the body by renewing these marma points, and it requires the expertise of trained practitioners.

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