Neuro Muscular and Skeletal Disorders

Chakrasiddh uses marma therapy, massage techniques and yoga to relieve the patient of pain. The holistic approach of this ancient healing method helps arthritis patients lead a normal life with minimal effect of the disease on them.

The nerve stress that primarily causes severe pain the shoulder, arm and hand regions can be relieved by simulating blood flow and massaging the affected regions.

Yoga, massage and a healthy lifestyle help the patient in managing the disease with minimal physical symptoms. Chakrasiddh doesn’t involve any external medication or surgery in the healing process and serves as a reliable method of osteoarthritis treatment.

Chakrasiddh carries out the healing process by yoga and marma therapy to enhance the overall flow of blood and energy through the body to alleviate and congestion and remove toxins.

Enhancing the blood flow by using siddha massage techniques and introducing a nutrient rich diet to the patient can help in reducing the intensity of migraine pain to a large extent.

The radiating pain caused by damage to the sciatic nerve can be alleviated with the help of Siddha healing’s massage techniques to improve the health of muscles and surrounding affected regions.

Chakrasiddh employs a non-invasive approach of treatment which eliminated the need for hip replacement surgery. With yoga, massage sessions and marma therapy, the pain in the affected regions is reduced by simulating the the connected nerves.

Patients seeking a non-invasive and lasting cure for ligament tear will find Chakrasiddh best suited for them. Without any medication or surgery, marma therapy, yoga and massage aids the healing process and reduces the pain experienced by the patient.

The treatment involving massage, yoga and marma therapy; along with lifestyle and diet changes, Chakrasiddh enables patients to lead healthy regular lives, free of joint pain. No surgery or medication is involved.

Chakrasiddh provides a safe, non-invasive and holistic method of treating foot and heel pain, with the aid of changes in diet and lifestyle after treatment using various ancient healing techniques.

By using healing techniques and incorporating lifestyle and dietary changes, this condition can be easily managed. Chakrasiddh provides patients with an effective cure for tennis elbow, allowing them to lead pain-free lives.

Constant exposure to various screens, and improper posture can cause severe neck pain. ChakraSiddh offers a holistic solution that involves yoga, nadi activation, and lifestyle changes. Within weeks of treatment patients will experience a significant improvement in their condition.

The holistic approach of Chakrasiddh improves the overall health of the nervous system. No external medication or surgery is used. With the right dietary and lifestyle changes, Chakrasiddh provides an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis.

After the treatment is carried out using yoga, massage and marma therapy, incorporation of changes in diet and lifestyle helps the patient lead a normal life, and ensures effective recovery from Cervical Dystonia.

Marma therapy is an ancient technique that treats Vasculitis by enhancing overall blood and energy flow through the body. Chakrasiddh provides a safe and non-invasive treatment by directly treating the main symptom of vasculitis, which is blood flow restriction.

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