Everyone is entitled to good health

As published in Times of India

October, 2015


Akila Jaikumar interviews Sathya Sindhuja, a practitioner of Siddha Vaidyam, an ancient and wondrous healing modality

Uma Reddy manages the patients at Chakrasiddh healing centre at Hyderabad with her characteristic bustle and bonhomie. It is difficult to believe that there was a time in her life when she was suffering from migraine, asthma, severe body pains, a nerve - wracking cough forcing her to sit sleepless in a chair at nights, persistent phlegm and a drained constitution. She travelled to UK, US and Singapore in search of treatment with no success. She says of that period in her life, “I spent my days in bed, either at the hospital or at home. I just wanted to die!”

Having been treated by Ms Sathya Sindhuja, who runs this Siddha Vaidyam therapy centre, Uma has completely recovered from her health issues, without medicines, surgery or complicated procedures. Out of gratitude for her miraculous cure, and rarely misses a day of service since the last five years, despite her heavy social commitments in her

extended family. Working alongside her is Ms Padmaja, another grateful and dedicated volunteer at the centre, who has been cured in the course of three sittings of acute back pain and sciatica which had kept her bedridden for 18 months. Most people coming to the centre for treatment have unsuccessfully tried many approaches to healing. A few weeks of treatment here, and they are delighted to find that they regain their health, and can happily get on with their lives. A case in point is that of Mr Achyuth, a businessman of 56 years, who had increasing calcification of his spine and neck, reducing his mobility and flexibility. As his condition worsened over eight years, with no cure in allopathy nor relief found with homoeopathy, he was delighted to find that a two-week treatment at Chakrasiddh gave him an 80 per cent improvement.

I read many more testimonials at the centre. The case of a six-year-old girl, who had been complaining of stomach pain for three years – again no cause being found – who was healed in 10 sittings. The cure was completed through disentangling two nerves which had got intertwined in her stomach, This condition had not been diagnosed through the screening tests that were done on the child. The grateful father’s testimonial of his daughter’s recovery was touching. Liver replacement was avoided in a severe case of liver cirrhosis. The list goes on.

My personal experience

Being introduced to Sindhuja has been an act of grace for me. I have had challenges with migraine and rheumatoid arthritis for over 25 years. There were periods when ayurveda and acupressure provided relief, but the underlying root cause was apparently not addressed, since the problem recurred. Over time, all my joints like ankles, wrists, toes, elbow, neck, and finally my knees, were affected, forcing me into a wheelchair.

I was advised a knee replacement surgery which I have not undertaken yet. I felt that while surgery would address the problem of the knee, the arthritis disease itself would not be arrested.

My initial sessions with Sindhuja were very painful, raising doubts. I can now convincingly say that the brief pain I experienced during the treatment is a small price to pay for long-term pain relief. My knee, which was deformed, is getting back into shape and my shooting pains have greatly reduced. I have a sense of overall well-being, a direct result of the energy blockages being removed, which clearly shows that the treatment is working at deeper levels.

What is motivating and inspiring is the patience and dedication that Sindhuja and her team display at every session of my treatment. The atmosphere of love, compassion and warmth at the centre provides a holistic healing atmosphere. Yes, much patience and time may be needed in chronic cases, but aren’t good things worth waiting for?

What is motivating and inspiring is the patience and dedication that Sindhuja and her team display at every session of my treatment. The atmosphere of love, compassion and warmth at the centre provides a holistic healing atmosphere. Yes, much patience and time may be needed in chronic cases, but aren’t good things worth waiting for?

Excerpts from the interview with Sathya Sindhuja:

Can you explain this line of treatment and your own initiation into it?

Siddha Vaidyam is an ancient healing technique practiced in India by rishis and scientists, known as Siddhars. There are 18 renowned Siddhars, and they have written many treatises regarding the body anatomy, diseases and methods of treatment, medicines, herbs and so on. While many of these important works have perished, there is still a body of knowledge available and passed down from generation to generation. In our family, this treatment has been practiced for 36 generations. My training started from the age of four years from my grandmother.

Siddha Vaidyam is a combination of Nadi Vaidyam and Marma Chikitsa. The nadis or energy channels, which are 72,000 in the human body, can be accessed on the surface of the skin. These pathways are connected to powerful energy points called marmani. These marmani points have a rich supply of nerves and can be estimulated by touch and pressure. The marmani points facilitate cellular communication, serve as diagnostic indicators, and have therapeutic functions. A trained Siddha master, through a combination of gentle strokes and deep pressure on the nadis and marmanis, can remove blockage in these energy channels and around bones, nerves, blood vessels and tissues. This in turn releases toxins, restores blood supply and oxygen, relaxes the muscles and enables the body’s natural process of healing and pain alleviation to begin and continue.

Through understanding the body language, a healer knows which points correspond to the problems the individual is facing. Through treatment at the right points, a healer can correct problems at the metabolic, mental, emotional and physical levels (muscle, tissue, blood vessel, organ, and nerves).

Siddha treatment is a holistic approach to heal both the mind and the body of the individual. Mind and body need to be in alignment wherein healing takes place naturally and easily. The goal is to cure the individual, not suppress the disease. When you take up a new case, how do you assess the extent of the problem, and the line of treatment you would undertake?

We first examine all X-rays and other medical reports and make a case study. The treatment process is explained and patients’ doubts are addressed. After the completion of the treatment, once again medical tests are advised, so that the documentary evidence is provided for the efficacy of the treatment.

The method of treatment may differ amongst people with the same apparent physical problem – eg, knee pain. We also take into account the emotional state of the person, the medical history and the response of the individual to the treatment. In other words, we look at the individual, and not the disease. In the course of the treatment, we are able to identify the root cause of the problem, which the patient may not be aware of, or even remember. This approach provides for a complete healing, instead of mere alleviation of physical symptoms.

What types of ailments can be addressed by this treatment?

Siddha treatment is especially beneficial for muscular, skeletal and neurological disorders. We have treated problems related to arthritis, spinal problems like cervical and lumbar spondylosis, knee problems, heel pain, cerebral palsy, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, polio, sinus, migraine, and acidity.

What discipline does the patient have to observe, while undergoing this treatment?

Patients need to lead a satvic life during this treatment, and refrain from taking alcohol, smoking and non vegetarian food. No treatment is done for ladies during the menstruation time. Since this treatment works through the body energy points, the stipulations mentioned above disturb the energy balances in the body and affect the treatment. We also recommend some light exercises where needed. Adherence to meal times and sleep times are beneficial to aid the healing process. After the treatment is completed, the patient should maintain a proper lifestyle. As an example, sitting in wrong postures can cause recurrence of a back pain.

How safe is this treatment?

There are no medicines prescribed, hence there are no side-effects. During the treatment, when pressure is applied on the nadis or marmanis, there may be pain and associated soreness for a day or two, which get relieved as the treatment progresses.

What are your future plans?

The healing traditions received from our ancestors are very valuable and extensive in knowledge and we need to maintain, cultivate and pass on these techniques to the coming generations. Holistic healing and removing the root cause lead to long-term cure. This is why I would like to spread awareness of this therapy to the greatest extent possible.

I firmly believe that every person is entitled to live a healthy life, free of pain. Patients are like family. The word “impossible” says “I’m possible”. This is the attitude with which I take on every case, leaving no room for doubts or negative thoughts. And above all, the guidance from the Supreme Power is ever present during the therapy.

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