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October, 2015

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Health is wealth - this adage cannot be stressed upon enough. While usually health is taken for granted, one ailment can remind us how important, it is to remain healthy bespit - many advances in medical technology, there are diseases or conditions for which cures are yet to be found. Many in our society face the issue of prolonged ailments, that adversely affects their life.

Most people, who seek treatment at Sathya Sindhuja's Chakrasiddh at Kapra Lake, come there as a last resort. While they opt for Siddha without much expectation, they are stunned when they are able to start leading normal lives, within a few weeks. Like other alternative therapies, it is taken up only when modern medicines fail.

So what is Siddha? It is nadivaidyam and marmachikitsa, where nadis are channels or energy pathways in the body that propagate pranic current. There are 72,000 such key energy pathways that have access on the surface of the skin. These pathways are conected to powerful energy points or marmani located at sites richly supplied by nerves which are sensitive to touch and pressure. A trained Siddha master knows these points and can apply the right amount of pressure in the right places, to alleviate pain. Siddha has produced successful results for arthritis, sciatica, spinal problems like spondylitis and lower back pain, knee problems, bone dislocation, joint pains etc. The knowledge of right pressure points is important. Most of these problems can be treated in two weeks. Trained professionals here take X-rays and related medical reports before and after the treatment to show the difference. Since no medicines are used, ther.e are no side effects of the treatment. Some tests are needed before and after treatment. For patients suffering from migraine, poliomyelitis, paralysis, cerebralpalsy and many other health disorders, Siddha has been a boon indisguise.

Following treatment, patients need to undergo simple lifestyle modifications to ensure that there is no recurrence. The treatment has a holistic approach as it riot only cures the body but also relaxes the mind. The treatment is based on a strict, protocol in terms of cleanliness and discipline. Patients need to lead a satuic life during the treatment, abstain from consuming non-vegetarian food, alcohol and smoking.

Their main objective is to see that their patients are relieved of their pain and go home happy, to lead a normal life. Gaurang Shah, a famous designer, had a back problem. But after getting treated at Chakrasiddh, he wasrelieved of pain. Sindhuja has been using this treatment to relieve people of pain at Yapral, near Kapra Lake. She is helped by Uma Reddy, Rohini, Padmaja and Ujjwala and a few others.

I had a back problem and when I consulted a doctor, he asked me to take a two-week bed restand stop travelling. But in my profession, it’s not possible. Then I heard of Chakrasiddha and met Sindhuja. My treatment was done in 12 sittings and all my pain disappeared without any medication, exercise or bed rest. Now, I can travel and have a normal life.

- Gaurang Shah, Designer

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