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Brief background

We at Chakkrasiddhi institute, our centre for holistic healing,follow the Siddha system of healing. The term Siddha means “achievement” and Siddhars were ancient saints and great scientists who achieved breakthrough results in the field of medicine. Sadly limited awareness of this wonderful and effective system has resulted in a dwindling line of practitioners.

Our team

Much of the efficacy of the treatment hinges on the practitioner who besides possessing great medical prowess should also be a person of impeccable spiritual and moral fibre.

Which is why our chief healer hailing from a family that has practiced and passed down this art through guru- shisyaparampara for 36 generations, has trained hard and extensively in various fields like music, dance, ayurveda and martial arts since the age of four, to acquire the eligibility and knowledge required to heal various chronic ailments. Though the number of patients flocking to us have increasingly skyrocketed, we have never ever compromised on the quality of treatment.

Our Treatment Areas
Cancer Treatment

Wonderfully beneficial for de-stressing your whole body by dispersing toxins from knotted muscles, improving blood-circulation and helping to oxygenate the brain.

Dystonia Treatment

Total relaxation, producing a state of calm, peace and tranquillity, reducing nervous tension (stress, anxiety and tension).

Back Pain Treatment

Increases and improves the circulation of blood to the head, neck, shoulders and face, with vital nutrients to repair and rejuvenate skin tissue, cells and muscles.

Arthritis Treatment

Stretches and mobilizes the tissue in the neck and shoulders to alleviate the rigidity and replace it with flexibility.

Joint Pains Treatment

With increased blood and oxygen flow you can clear neck rigidity, headaches, eye strain and focus your concentration.

Knee Pain Treatment

Irritability is reduced after receiving a massage and deep rest is felt, helping with any sleep problems.

Dislocation Treatment

A joint is a point where two or more of your bones come together. A dislocation is an injury to your joint in which the ends of your bones are forced from their normal positions.

Spondylosis Treatment

Spondylosis, which is general degeneration of the spine, at the junction of the L5 and S1 vertebrae is a common place for deterioration of cartilaginous anatomy, like the intervertebral discs and facet joints, to occur.

Our Patients Comments


Patients Testimonials
  • My husband met with an accident and had Poloytrauma with severe head injury (With brainstem conlusion).Left sided hemiparesis, bilateral injury of abdomen. Underwent laparatomy with hepectomy.He frequently had VTI and intermittent fever.By the time he was discharged from the hospital his condition was hopeless. As the treatment progressed his brain stem is activated. Now he is able to recollect and speak clearly. Now he has bowel and bladder control, able to walk with support of a handstick and is leading a normal and happy life.

    Cure from Brainstem
  • I have been suffering from ’Frozen Shoulder’ for the past 8 months. Shoulder was very painful and I couldn’t even move the hand. Thanks to their effort, today my pain is gone. I can rotate my shoulder freely and can lift my hand without any pain. I thank the Nadi Vaidyam practioner and their team wholeheartedly for the service they have rendered to me.

    Relief from Frozen Shoulder